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Buying a Home

Purchasing a home isn't always as easy and stress free as it can seem on HGTV. Luckily, I live in the world of real estate, so you don't have to. I'll help you find the right property, negotiate a contract that makes sense to you and walk you through each step until you get the keys in your hands!

Put my experience as a former Service New Brunswick Residential Assessor, Real Estate Consultant & Online Marketer, Photographer and formal education (Certificate in Residential Valuation - UBC) to work for you today!

When you invite me to come alongside you we will figure out your needs vs. wants, what you can afford, walk through the purchasing process, ensure your SNB assessment is fair (and appeal if necessary) and avoid potential legal pitfalls.

Moving here from out of town? Great! You will be just like the majority of my clients who are moving from out of province. Over 18 years ago I made the choice to move from Ontario to Moncton, NB and have not looked back sicne. I know the challenges and the pitfalls to watch out for, because I've been there.

The bottom line - what is best for you will always come first with me. Before money and before my career. When you purchase a home you need someone who not only knows their stuff, but who most importantly will be there for you when you need them. I'd like to be that person.

Buyers: About

What's keeping you?

Maybe all you need to do is start.

Buyers: About

Sharlie Lemieux | First Time Home Buyer

I have met a lot of Real Estate Agents, Ive worked with a few different Real Estate Agents as well. None of them will ever measure up to Craig. He goes above and beyond for his clients, always. He is kind, patient, understanding and makes sure he gets to know his clients on a personal level to make sure he delivers the best service he possibly can and make you feel like you're working with a friend. He is on your team, your biggest cheerleader, and will always make sure you are a priority. Buying a house can be so stressful but when you have the best Real Estate Agent on the market, it can be pretty easy. Hiring Craig was the best decision I could have made when I decided I wanted to buy a home.

Buyers: Testimonials
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